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Mon. Nov 24th 2008
Charleston Units Perform Sideout

Engine 10, Ladder 5, and Battalion 4 responded to a mvc involving two passenger vehicles. One vehicle recieved a lateral...

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Wed. Nov 12th 2008
Eighteen Wheeler Versus Train

Darlington County units responded to a motor vehicle collision involving an eighteen wheeler and a train. No one was hurt in ...

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Wed. Oct 29th 2008
Propane Truck Collides with School Bus

A propane truck rear-ended a Palmetto Breeze bus on Hilton Head Island on Monday, sending nine people to the hospital, accord...

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We appreciate the time you are giving to view this website and hope that it provides a valuable learning experience.  It is our commitment to update this site on an almost daily basis, provide quality training, and hopefully make a difference in THE EXTRICATION PROCESS at your next incident. 



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Bi-Weekly Tip (Updated 12/22/08

Want to maximize your capabilities as a rescue team?  Check out the quick tips section for tips that will improve your efficiency and effectiveness.


Bi-Monthly Scenario (Updated 11/25/2008)

Identify hazards, determine stabilization tactics, request resources, formulate plans, etc... Take your shot at handling the extrication process for a given scenario. 


 Tool Showcase (Updated 12/16/2008) 

Look at what rescuers are doing to enhance everyday tools.  Sometimes the smallest alterations to existing tools can enhance your ability at a vehicle collision incident.  Also new technology is constantly being introduced into the extrication field.   


New Technology (Updated (12/01/08)

Learn about newer technology being used in vehicles and how they impact patient injuries and the extrication process.  


 Impact Clues (Updated 11/18/2008)

See different types interior impacts caused by victims and what type of injuries they may cause.    


  **Attention Company Officers and Training Officers**

If you are searching for a topic for a training session, use the above website pages as a basis for your training program.  Spend a few minutes on each topic and apply the topics to your setting. This can generate discussion on local policies/procedures, tactics, techniques, and equipment modifications.

If you have any vehicle extrication related websites you would like to include as link, pictures of  incidents, suggestions, or comments please use the contact page. 

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